It took me four days to realise that adding all my books to BL manually was pretty naive. What can I say. I knew about the import function but I liked the idea of starting over and changing up my shelving system and getting to award half-star ratings (half-star ratings! How I have longed for thee). 


But it's less fun than I'd anticipated. The best course of action seems to be to make sure my GR library is up to date and has accurate data and then just to import it. I don't know if that'll create duplicates of the books I've already added, but it's less work to delete 100 duplicates than to add another few hundred individual titles with ratings and shelves. 


Anyway, I love the blogging capabilities of BL, and there seems to be a lovely community here, albeit small. I've read that the site was unavailable a few times over the last year, so here's hoping that that's all sorted out and it'll be better this year. 


Hello everyone! It's good to be here.